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You have a great career. You have a reputation for getting things done and creating high-performing teams. But you’re beginning to wonder what it will take to get to the next level. And whether the cost to the rest of your life is worth it.

If you feel you’re bumping into a career ceiling (glass or otherwise), are overworked and stressed, have poor work-life balance, are not being taken as seriously as you feel you deserve, or not showing up with the gravitas and authority that will get you promoted, I’m here to help.

With seniority comes complexity. Senior leaders take tough decisions, navigate organisational politics and group dynamics, and lead through ambiguity and uncertainty. They lead people whose work they don’t necessarily understand. This challenges us at the deepest level, bringing us into conflict-laden conversations and exposing our vulnerability and self-doubt.

I have twenty years’ experience of transformational coaching, helping my clients fulfil their potential and live a life ignited by purpose and passion. My clients find greater self-confidence, more resilience, and have a bigger professional impact. They make active decisions about where they put their energy and how they use their time. They get promoted. They have a healthier and happier balance between different parts of their life and are more satisfied with their life as a whole.

Coaching to transform your life and work

Transformational coaching


Organisations are a never-ending series of negotiations between individuals, teams and departments, offering a heady cocktail of interpersonal challenges for leaders. You can learn the theory, but dealing with the impact on your self-confidence and ability to produce constructive behaviour under pressure is a very personal process. Transformational coaching supports you to go deep and create sustainable solutions that work for you.

Women leaders


Companies with more women on their top teams produce better financial performance. But the experience of being a woman at work still comes with specific challenges not experienced by men. I specialise in helping mid- and senior-career women overcome these challenges to get the career, and the life, they truly want.

My coaching is for you if…


My coaching tackles root causes and embeds personal change at a deep level, rather than identifying tactics for managing symptoms which then desert you under pressure. 


Kate McGuire, transformational coach

Kate McGuire, Transformational Coach

I’m Kate McGuire. I’ve been a coach for twenty years helping mid- and senior-level clients transform their lives. I work with corporate and individual clients who want to increase their impact and effectiveness by developing their authentic personal leadership style. I have specialist expertise in, and a passion for, helping women to be authoritative and successful in a male-defined professional world. 

If you’d like to book a no-obligation exploratory conversation about how I could help you or your organisation, send me a message here.

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I have worked with Kate for a number of years. She is very professional, entirely human and approachable and we’ve been able to develop a great working relationship. Her insights and experience enable us to get great results, but in a highly personalised and flexible way, which I value. I would highly recommend Kate.
— Francoise Russo, Regional CIO, BAT, now CIO, Toll Group
Kate has successfully coached our five-strong executive team to become more effective. We are more open with each other both as a team and in one on one conversations. We have more trust and confidence in each other. Kate has devised and led exercises that have resulted in us sharing more of who we are and what our motivations are. This in turn has meant that, when we discuss work issues, we are all in the room, contributing honestly and openly and making better decisions more speedily. Kate is very flexible and is able to switch between roles and modes and is a pleasure to work with.
— David Standfast, Chief Executive, Saxon Weald

Why do you need a coach?

If making changes to our lives was easy, we’d all be fit and healthy with brilliant relationships. Knowing what you ‘should’ do isn’t usually enough to change the habits of a lifetime. And often we can’t see in ourselves the things that are really blocking us. We need someone to cast new light, ask us new questions, and guide us to new insights.

Many coaches work at a surface level, helping clients design strategies to tackle symptoms. Often that can be effective - until you’re really under pressure, when your default settings tend to kick back in. I have integrated therapeutic training into my years of experience as a coach so I can work at a level which identifies and addresses root causes. I support you to go deep, work out what really matters to you and how to have greater impact with less effort. I support you to make sustainable changes that, over time, transform your life and that of those around you.

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