We are the products of our history — and the architects of our future

Coaching to enhance your impact, effectiveness, and fulfilment in life and work

Our history, particularly our early experience, creates patterns in how we respond to life. We don’t always notice how these patterns show up, positively and negatively, in our adult lives. Once we start to recognise the patterns and understand their roots, we can become the architects of our future, making better use of our strengths and removing barriers to success.

I help you expand your personal power, especially in a professional context, so you can deploy your talents more effectively, and live a life of purpose, meaning and fulfilment.   

Perhaps you have a big job or are facing tough challenges at work. Despite your many strengths, you sometimes lack confidence or wonder how you could be more effective. The more senior you are, the more difficult it can be to find someone you can trust. You’re not sure if people tell you the (whole) truth. You can’t admit to anyone at work that you don’t know all the answers, or that you’re stuck. Coaching gives you a safe space in which to explore the realities of life and build strategies that take your performance, and satisfaction, from good to great.

Coaching with me, Kate McGuire, helps you grow your personal power so you can deploy your talents more skilfully and reliably, especially under pressure. My integrated approach, using the most effective coaching and therapeutic techniques, gives you a space in which to explore your personal psychology - what makes you successful, and the obstacles that block you from being the very best you can be.

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I’m Kate McGuire. My coaching is for you if…

You believe that your power, presence and impact depend on who you are, as much as what you do.

You are good at your job, and you want to be outstanding. You want to expand your understanding of yourself and your impact on others. You are willing to work hard to bring about change.

You want to tackle root causes and embed personal change at a deep level, rather than identifying tactics for managing symptoms which then desert you under pressure. 

You are ready to ask yourself searching questions about your history, how it shaped you, and how it helps - and hinders - you now.

You recognise that intellectual knowledge is necessary but not sufficient - you want help transferring “knowing” into “doing” and “being” in ways you can sustain over time. 

You are bold and courageous and open to new approaches to learning.

You want support and you also want to be challenged - in how you see yourself, the mental models you hold about the world, and what might be possible for you at work and in life.

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 Kate McGuire

Kate McGuire

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