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Kate McGuire

I’ve been an executive and leadership coach for over 15 years. I was Head of Organisation Development at the BBC before I set up my own business. Clients include Diageo, Sony, BT, Nationwide, BG Group and the NHS, as well as private individuals.

My MSc in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School (AMOC) underpins my view that organisations and their cultures emerge from the way people interact with each other. Patterns form and re-form, and some become the norm (the culture). Working with these patterns – the conversations and relationships people have, the way power and politics play out – is what I find fascinating and endlessly new.

As well as running Fenner McGuire, Kate is an associate with eaconsult and Grand Shearman.  


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Fenner McGuire

Fenner McGuire is a network of associates who come together to work on large projects or where particular areas of expertise are required. We have specialists in somatics, leadership development, organisation development, psychology, and team dynamics. We are all focused on helping individuals and teams to release their potential, and organisations to become places where human beings flourish and find meaning, and which free the human spirit to live life to the full.