Kate McGuire

I worked at the BBC for 20 years, in Organisation Development, HR and Internal Communication. I’ve lived through, and led, change of all kinds, from restructurings, downsizings and outsourcings to cultural and behaviour change projects.

The BBC is a highly complex (in human terms) organisation, with added doses of politics (big and little P).  It operates independently but comes under enormous scrutiny, is both revered and reviled for its funding mechanism (the TV licence fee) which creates a huge range of stakeholders and interested parties, all with views on how the money should be spent. 

I learnt a vast amount from my time there, culminating in my final job leading large and small scale change to improve the effectiveness of the organisation.  I also learnt a lot about leading people, including how not to do it, and what can impede the ability to do it well – organisations are complex and the context can severely constrain what is possible. 

Qualifications and Professional Associations:

  • MBA (Bradford University Management College)

  • MSc in Organisational Consulting (Ashridge Business School)

  • Coach Foundation Course (accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council)

  • Executive coaching training (i-coach academy)

  • Certified Therapeutic Coach (Integrated Coaching Academy)

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council (member)

  • Association of Integrative Coach-Therapist Professionals (member)

My MSc in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School (AMOC) underpins my view that organisations and their cultures emerge from the way people interact with each other. Patterns form and re-form, and some become the norm (the culture). Working with these patterns – the conversations and relationships people have, the way power and politics play out – is what I find fascinating and endlessly new.

I have ongoing individual supervision and participate in a supervision group, which enables me to reflect on my work and how I can continually improve it. It supports my ongoing personal and professional development. I regularly attend seminars and workshops on coaching, consulting, organisational change, and other relevant issues, so I can bring the latest ideas to my clients. I abide by the EMCC Code of Ethics and Diversity Statements.

I enjoy good food, books and films, going to the theatre and music concerts, and practising yoga. I’m working on my first novel (don’t hold your breath).