Kate McGuire

I’ve been an executive and leadership coach for over 15 years. I was Head of Organisation Development at the BBC before I set up Fenner McGuire in 2006.

Since starting my own business, I’ve worked in more than 30 organisations ranging in size from 15 employees to over 100,000, from local to global, across commercial, public and charity sectors. I’ve worked with Chief Executives, board members, leaders of teams, and individuals who want to take their performance, confidence and sense of fulfillment to the next level. Clients include Diageo, Sony, BT, Nationwide, BG Group and the NHS, as well as private individuals.

I fundamentally believe that how we show up on the outside is a manifestation of who we are on the inside. That’s why I draw on my psychological and therapeutic training to help my clients understand how their history has shaped them, and how much personal change is possible once they believe they can be the architects of their future selves.

Qualifications and Professional Associations:

  • MBA (Bradford University Management College)

  • MSc in Organisational Change (Ashridge Business School)

  • Coach Foundation Course (accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council)

  • Executive coaching training (i-coach academy)

  • Fusion Certified Therapeutic Coach (Integrated Coaching Academy)

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council (member)

  • Association of Integrative Coach-Therapist Professionals (member)

My Ashridge MSc in Organisational Change underpins my view that organisations and their cultures emerge from the way people interact with each other. Patterns form and re-form, and some become the norm (the culture). Working with these patterns – the conversations and relationships people have, the way power and politics play out – is what I find fascinating and endlessly new.

I have regular individual supervision and participate in a supervision group, which support my ongoing personal and professional development. I regularly attend seminars and workshops on coaching, consulting, organisational change, and other relevant issues, so I can bring the latest ideas to my clients. I abide by the EMCC Code of Ethics and Diversity Statements.


This all sounds terribly worthy. I like to think I have a sense of humour, don’t take myself too seriously and that, despite the hard work involved, my clients enjoy their sessions. That’s why, instead of a sensible corporate photo, I’ve given you one of me on holiday. Also, I like shoes, so here’s a picture of the most fabulous pair I’ve ever owned.


Fenner McGuire

I have a network of associates I bring together to work on large projects or where particular areas of expertise are required. Between us, we have specialisms in leadership development, organisation development, psychology, somatics, and team dynamics. We all care passionately about helping individuals and teams to achieve their full potential, and organisations to become places where human beings flourish and find meaning.

As well as running Fenner McGuire, I am an associate with eaconsult and Grand Shearman.